Pippo.com: another building in the cyberspace

Pippo.com - English version

I was born as a programmer and since my first classes on BASIC on ZX-80 I learned - as everyone - to use the word PIPPO as the label for temporary stuff.
To be honest no one told me to use it, but in Italy PIPPO is like the word FOO or FOOBAR in USA: every programmer uses it!

So what?
In 1995 in Italy the Internet was a media for few people and the domain registration habit (cybersquatting) was not so crazy as we are used today. No one ever thought to register pippo.com, that's why I decided to do it myself and to move there what I knew about the Net, in particular my "Guida a Internet e alla realtà virtuale" which I wrote for educational purpose.

The goal was to become a reference for every Italian who wanted to know more about it;
later I was proposing it as an indipendent Italian forum for everyone who wanted to talk about Internet, Linux, open source software, for computer science addicted and for everyone who was using the word pippo in his programs... today, it represents only my personal space and also the fastest way to get in contact with me.